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I'm glad that Malta is a non-smoker. So am I. But she could puff three packs a day and I'd still find her irresistible. She's adorable, delectable from head to toe. She's one of Rylsky's top models right from the get-go, joining the likes of Virginia Sun, Ilze, Feeona, Nikia, Caesaria, Candy Rose et al, women whose beauty reduces me to gibbering idiocy. BTW, are there any more beautiful young women left in Ukraine?

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I think beauties are not only Ukrainians, I don't know how beauty can be measured and ranked 1-2-3-4..... as topmodels competition. Better just enjoy all beauty.

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Once again, the system outwitted me. Sorry for the double posting.

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PPS: Malta's booblets are adorable.

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago
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Presenting Malta. Malta is from the spacious farmlands of the Ukraine, a land not unlike the Great Plains of the American mid west. Malta is possessed of the clear, fresh-faced, wholesome beauty of the fabled farmer's daughter, an ideal of beauty which has caused many a farm boy to spend sleepless nights lost in their thoughts. She has gorgeous blonde hair, captivating placid pale blue eyes and a fetching smile. Her figure is a nearly perfect hour glass one a 5ft 5in frame.

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Very pretty girl and nice shoot. I love how her breasts take shape with arms raised, her whispy natural blonde hair, nice kind eyes, Perfect and even skin tone and natural smile.
Saving to HD.
Please have and share more sets of this beauty.!

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yes, we will work with her

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I think it's a shame when people can only find negative things to say.

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Tea, coffee, cola, diet take your choice if you are in fact referring to lovely Malta's pearly whites. She is just beautiful and the relaxed outdoor setting is really quite nice.

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Malta is indeed a very pretty girl and it seems that stained teeth are very common in eastern Europe. With a pretty young girl like this many things can be overlooked.

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Lovely girl, nice body, nice natural blond hair, It's to bad that this model is is obviously a smoker. For me that is the ultimate turn off. It is sad that the stop smoking trend has not yet reached the Soviet block countries. For us non smokers seeing a young girl smoking kills all interest immediately.

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I am sure she is non-smoker.

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That is nice to hear. Being a non smoker myself I hurt for all the girls that do this to their bodies. I know this is impossible to explain to young people but when a girl smokes it really effects her social life as well because non smokers don't like to be around people who smoke so she has eliminated a lot of guys who might be the one for her.

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It is sad for me that it was the main thing you thought about during this set.

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