Hot Sensation 1

Hot Sensation 1

Sep 28, 2020
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Adelyn in Hot Sensation 1

For horny, raven-haired Adelyn, masturbation is a ritual. Minimally dressed in gothic black, she lays out a large circle of tealights on the floor. Then, with anticipation rising and juices oozing, warm and sticky, inside of her shaved pussy, she lights each wick. As she touches a flame to the final three candles in the ring – long white tapers – her lust becomes so intense she feels a faint, fleeting spasm deep within.

Kneeling in the center, she takes another large candle and gazes into its light, allowing molten wax to pool for a few moments. Then she tilts it, letting the hot liquid splash on her bare skin. Its sting is fleeting and she watches as it hardens almost immediately. Entranced, she continues, until her thighs and belly are covered with opaque, creamy splatters.

With a single breath she blows out the candle then lies back. Slowly and deliberately she peels off her panties, then finally permits her manicured fingers to touch her slit. They tease her clit, then she rolls onto all fours, ass tilted in the air and bare toes pointed as she reaches back to splay her blush-pink butterfly lips.

Another candle is lit and more hot wax drizzled over her naked flesh, then she guides the thicker end to her snatch and pushes it inside. Wet and slippery, she takes it in one easy thrust, then pumps it in and out, lithe body squirming on the hard, cool wood, ringed by flickering flames. She could cum in an instant but she chooses to hold back, switching position to take the wax shaft every which way.

Moaning, she feels another tingle, then a creeping tightness. She pushes the entire length of the candle inside of her, then draws it out again as she orgasms, pussy pulsing around the hard, white girth. As she relaxes and tastes her musky juices off of the candle, she wonders if she really believes in "magic". The only purpose of her solo-sex rituals is to make her cum – but they work every time…

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