Arousal In Public 1

Arousal In Public 1

Jan 16, 2019
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Elina De Lion in Arousal In Public 1

Sexy exhibitionist Elina De Lion is a very naughty girl – and she has just taken her bad behavior to the next level. The hot and horny Ukrainian brunette loves the excitement of being naked and often walks around her neighborhood in nothing but her trenchcoat mac and knee-high boots.

This time, in the park, she finally gave into the urge to flash a total stranger. The woman dropped her coffee cup in shock but, before she walked off, she lingered for a moment to stare at Elina’s tall, slender body, taking in the sight of her perfect breasts, body piercings and puffy shaved pussy.

As Elina gazes at herself in the mirror and recalls every horny detail, her hands roam over her curves through her coat. Then she unfastens it and strokes her smooth, warm skin. Her nipples harden and and she rolls them between her fingers – and, almost immediately, she feels sparks shoot through her clit.

As her tight snatch oozes juices, her fingertips skim her slit, splaying her butterfly lips then probing inside. She sinks down on a seat, thighs open, and plows herself deep – then, as pleasure begins to tingle through her from head to toe, she kneels on all fours to ream herself from behind.

She fights the urge to cum but it soon overwhelms her – just as the impulse to expose herself in public is impossible to resist. She knows it’s wrong, that one day it’s likely to land her in a whole lot of trouble. But as her pussy tenses then ripples around her fingers, juices streaming out to drench her hand, she knows the risk is part of the horny thrill...

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