Mixing Oil And Water 1

Mixing Oil And Water 1

Oct 18, 2020
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Lusilla in Mixing Oil And Water 1

When it comes to her beauty routine, Lusilla prefers to keep things simple. A sexy doll-faced brunette with huge, gray-blue eyes, she doesn’t waste time on complicated rituals – nor money on expensive lotions and potions. We find her sitting in her shower with a jug of olive oil, slathering generous amounts over her beautiful body.

She drizzles it on her large, perky breasts, then trickles more down her belly, splaying her legs to take the golden stream between her thighs. Next, she massages it into her pale, flawless skin, kneading her globes and zeroing in on her puffy nipples. Moaning, she drops a hand to work it over her shaved pussy lips, circling her clit before sinking her fingers deep inside of her swollen pink snatch.

Immediately, she begins to masturbate, grinding her ass as she bucks against her hand. Then she raises a long, slim leg, bracing it against the smooth tile wall, opening herself up wider as her digits sink deeper into her slick snatch.

Within minutes, she feels the first sparks of her coming orgasm so she holds back – just enough to prolong the ecstasy. Soon, however, she senses a tell-tale tightness and, knowing she can’t fight it any longer, she pounds her pussy deep and hard, sighing as release and pure pleasure ripple through her.

She allows herself a few moments to enjoy the heady feeling, then uses her shower to rinse away the oil. As the warm water cascades over her naked body, her fingers stray down to her crotch once again, to penetrate and plow herself deep as she turns the powerful jets on her clit. At last she emerges, dripping wet and radiant, musing again that all she needs for soft, glowing skin are oil and water – and multiple orgasms…

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